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What is bikepacking?

    The short answer: it’s backpacking with a bike.

    Longer answer: any ride that includes an overnight stay. This could be anything from ultralight single track tours to fully loaded dirt road touring (e.g. on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route). focuses on off-road touring, away from cars. But the concepts and gear transfer equally well to all types of rides that stretch overnight.

Definition of BikePacking by

A Little About Big Agnes Tents

DAC NSL Tent Poles

DAC poles featuring DAC's new Green Anodizing™ process and we incorporate these poles and Green Anodized J Stakes in our tent line. Tent poles are shiny and smooth because of the chemical polishing stage in the anodizing process, which requires two very toxic chemicals, phosphoric and nitric acid. DAC has perfected a better process that is safer for our environment and its employees by eliminating the need for the polishing stage and these two hazardous chemicals. Additionally, they significantly reduce waste water by recycling water throughout the rinsing process.

DAC NSL Tent Poles

Seam Tape

We use a waterproof, solvent-free polyurethane (No PVC or VOC's) seam tape on all Big Agnes tents.

Seam Tape

eVent Fabric

eVent is a breatheable, waterproof fabric that vents moisture directly to the outside, keeping you and your bag dry inside.

eVent Fabric

The ultralight tents you need for bikepacking... You ask what is bikepacking? It is backpacking on a bike.

We specialize in tents that are perfect for ultralight bikepacking. 

If you count the grams or just need a quality tent, this is the place to be.

If you are wanting to just go get away for the weekend to ride on your bike and stay the night, here is the place to get that ultralight, quality tent you have been looking for.

Whether you are bikepacking, backpacking, or just driving in, Big Agnes tents are just what you need.

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